Coaches play a very special role in the programme whether that be at home or school. Ensuring the child is in the right space ready to learn is the first step and there is a family involvement proforma to support identify any barriers to learning.

The Coach is an important partner to support the child and take them through the programme. 

The role of the coach is to: 

🚀 provide strategic 1:1 or group support to maximise pupil engagement throughout the programme

🚀 motivate, engage and empower children to lead their learning and persevere when being stuck 

🚀 lead a daily coaching conversation where the children can deliberately practice their speaking and listening skills 

🚀 support children develop a love for learning and advancement of their learning disciplines

🚀 identify barriers to learning and implement ways to overcome these barriers to support every child to rise up 

🚀 increase stakeholder engagement between home and school  

There are posters that you can use to support learning. Just print them out, laminate and Velcro them together!